Parisian moments

« Flower shops, and their more elegant cousins, floral boutiques, are so much part of Paris life that it would be hard to imagine a Paris without them. They are works of art in themselves, inside and out, and add much beauty to that already so beautiful city. In fact the whole activity of buying and selling flowers in Paris has been turned into a sort of mini dramatic production in which buyers and sellers play their parts to perfection, Careful and loving selection by the buyer. Careful and elegant clipping, collating and wrapping by the seller. A spring in the step as the happy buyer leaves the boutique, bouquet conspicuously in hand. For the observer it is a picturesque scenario. For the participants if must be a real source of enjoyment. There are many, many floral boutiques in Paris but we have chosen these four as representative and because they make a good collection. »

Thank you A Parisian Moment

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